Window or Mirror

One of my favorite books that I have read again recently is Wonder. This book is about a kid who was born deformed. He was home schooled his whole life, but then decided that he wanted to go to normal school. There, he faced many challenges such as making friends, bullying, and more.

A window book is a book that makes you feel like your reading about someone else’s life, but a mirror book make you feel like your reading about a character who is similar to you. I think that this book is a window because I am not deformed, nor am I having trouble with other people at school. The main character, August, was also getting bullied at school and I don’t get bullied at school. Wonder by P.J. Palacio. This book is realistic fiction because these things could happen but it’s not a real situation. I often get window books because most books out there aren’t mirrors since I don’t relate to any of them. If there were to be someone who doesn’t focus much on school work and plays video games, then that would be a mirror for me. I think that it would be cool to read a book where I can relate to the main character or a side character .


My Wisdom Tales Project

Hello world! My name is Andrew and I made a wisdom tales project of a comic a few days ago for my class. Wisdom tales is a book that is full of stories with morals. They teach you things about greediness, selfishness, patience, etc. The story that I drew was called The Talkative Turtle. I mad this comic by drawing an image on paper, taking a picture of it, and then inserting it into an app called Comic Life 3 where I could add speech bubbles.

The Talkative Turtle was about a turtle who loved to talk. One day he saw two geese in the swamp that he was sitting at so he asked them if he could fly with them if he bit down on a stick while the two geese flew and bit on the stick too. It all went well until a boy called the geese clever for thinking of the plan, but since the turtle loved talking he wanted to say that it was his idea. In my opinion, the summary of this story was that it’s important to not talk sometimes.

The first drawing that I drew was the turtle sitting in a swamp talking to the two geese. This drawing took a long time and was very hard because I wanted to make the swamp look good and I’m not that good at drawing nature. It took about 1 hour in


My second drawing was of the geese flying with the turtle. This drawing was kind of easy but I don’t really like how the drawing turned out. The turtle drawing had barely any effort put into it and it doesn’t look like they are flying that high compared to my next drawing where he was falling through the clouds. I think that it was my worst drawing in that comic.


My third and last drawing was my favorite out of that comic. I kind of switched styles in my last one and made it a cartoon style. I think it turned out alright. This drawing was also kind of easy and didn’t take me that long. A thing I like about the drawing was that I put lots of clouds behind him to make it look like he’s really falling from the sky as he’s saying, “IT WAS MY IDEA!”











Why I Love Cello

Hello world! My name is Andrew Hu, and I love to play the cello. I used to play the piano but dropped it to play the cello. My cello is a full sized cello and bought from Triangle Strings. I have been playing the instrument for one year and a half already. The reason that I like the cello, are because the instrument is very low pitched, it’s satisfying to play a note, and because the cello has so many great pieces that I plan on learning in the future.

Firstly, I like cello because it makes a very low and deep sound. Deep sounds appeal to me a lot. Another thing is the notes. If you didn’t know, to play a string instrument, you have to put your finger in a certain place to play a note on the finger board. Thats the black part of the cello under the strings. And then you have to pull your bow across that string. For some reason, doing this is really fun to me. Even though cello is very tiring for me, I always try my best to practice everyday and get better.

Lastly, I love the cello because of the pieces. The piece that I am playing is called Bach Suite no. 1. This piece is one of my favorites and I have been waiting so long to play it ever since I started. There are so many more pieces that I want to play but are too advance for me such as Bach Suite no. 2, Chopin Nocturne in E flat, and Dvorak cello concerto.

Camp Hanes

This camp was a sleep away named Camp Hanes that my grade did together in King, North Carolina. My advisory stepped on a bus with the Williams, Robbins and Harris advisories. On the way to the camp, we watched Madagascar, and on the way back from the trip, my bus watched Ratatouille. The people in my bus were loud and we usually gave each other snacks and sang on the bus together. The ride was about two hours to camp. I was excited about camp because there were so many activities. I was also excited to see what food they served to us.

When we got to camp, we started out playing games with the counselors and the rest of the grade. Then we got cabin assignments. My advisory shared a cabin with part of Mrs. Stanbury’s advisory, and Mrs. Williams’ advisory.My cabin looked good. There were many bunk beds and I was sleeping in the bottom bunk.

The cafeteria was great. I didn’t like nor dislike the food.I mostly ate from the salad bar. There were so many options there. At breakfast, the salad bar was filled with yogurt and other toppings I could put on it. The cafeteria also had pop tarts. The yogurt was very good and I miss that part a lot.

The activities that I did were fun. I did canoeing, archery, team building, and rock climbing. My favorite activity was rock climbing because it is satisfying when you get to the top. Even though it was scary, I got over it in a few seconds. In archery, I was bad. I didn’t know how to hold the bow and only hit the target once. Canoeing was fun but also tiring since I had to row a lot. I raced a few boats in the canoe. Team building was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. We played multiple games that involved all of us thinking and participating. Each of us had an important role. 

Lastly, my whole grade went to a campfire. I loved it a lot since it was one of the only times I got to be with my friends and laughed together. There were skits that the counselors were playing and I ate smores.

My favorite part of this whole experience was the fire. I loved laughing with my friends and talking with them. The thing that I am proud of is that I had more fun than I thought I would. I overcame being afraid of rock climbing since I thought it was scary going up. Overall, the camp was fun and I do not at all regret going.


Andrew’s Backpack

In the book “Finding Someplace” by Denise Lewis Patrick, Hurricane Katrina wiped out almost everything in New Orleans in 2005. This book was about a girl named Reesie needing to survive this hurricane inside an attic. In this scenario, I would have to bring many things in a backpack to survive and be comfortable.

If I had to pack things before Hurricane Katrina, I would pack a flare gun. A flare gun would be important because it’s supposed to show my location so people in lifeboats could find you. In the book, a lifeboat saved Reesie and brought them to the Super Dome where they evacuated citizens. In Hurricane Katrina, there are so many people in boats trying to save people who were stuck inside their roofs.

I would also try to grab as much food and water as possible. Canned foods would be very important since it can last longer and the can would protect it from water. Of course, I would bring a can opener to open it too. I could bring foods such as beans. To survive, I would also want water like plastic bottles. A water filter straw helps for only having clean water.

A life jacket or pool noodle would be good in a hurricane. It would help since there’s a risk I might drown in the flood so it’s important to stay above the surface. First aid kits would be useful just in case I get a scratch or scrape.

Books would be nice in this hurricane because it would keep me entertained while I don’t have electricity or wifi. There are so many books in my house that I could bring so I could spend most of my time reading to wait out the hurricane. 


Lastly, I would bring a flashlight. A flashlight would be important because I might not be able to see if I’m hiding from the hurricane. For example, Reesie hid inside of her roof, but she probably wouldn’t have been able to see inside of there.