My Stock Market Project

In my language arts class, my teacher had my class invest 20,000 imaginary dollars in any stock that we wanted. I spent $12715.9 for my stock project and lost $1722.9 in total. The other money of the $20,000 we had went to a company outside of America that I later had to get rid of because they didn’t use USD.

One of the companies I invested in was Cal-Maine Foods that I bought 50 shares of that costed $56.08 but later went down to $47.48 per share which lost me $430 in total. Another stock that I invested in was called Valero Energy Corporation. I bought 50 shares of it and each share costed $133.72. The share price later went down to $111.66 per share which lost me a total of $1103. The last stock that I bought was CONOCOPHILLIPS. I bought 30 share of it and each share was $107.53. The final price of each share costed $101.2 which lost me a total of $189.9.

In the end, I learned a lot about investing stocks. I think that I lost money because the companies I invested in all produced products that America had a shortage of, such as eggs. I think that this was a bad idea since they all lost money.

My Ideal Planet

I read a book called The Last Cuentista a few months ago about a girl who’s planet got hit by a meteor, but she left the planet with her family and a group of others to a planet called Sagan. When they got there, everyone got brain washed except for Petra, the main character, and she was the last one who knew stories from Earth even though stories were banned. This book was a page turner with lots of suspense and the plot was well thought out. I think it is important to pass down stories because usually they are special to a group of people and has lots of importance.

After reading it, my language arts class did an activity of creating our own planet ideas and how to make a planet is ideal to us. We then drew a few drawings of the planet and made a book about it. My planet is called Reptar and it is similar to Earth but I made a few small changes that I think would made the world better such as making the world a bit hotter, having less countries and continents, the planets have rings for aesthetic reasons, having everyone speak the same language, having robots as cops to protect crime better, and also to have Earth not able to get polluted.

After we wrote about our planet, was made a book about it. There was also an artist named Peg Gignoux who helped us design a book step by step. We had to use paint rollers and plants to design the scenery of the planet. This was a pretty long but fun process. Then in the book, we also wrote out a story that was special to our family. I interviewed my mom about what I was like as a toddler, and asked her about the fun and the hardships of raising me. We then printed out all the text of both stories and put it in our book.

My TED Like Talk

On May 22, 2023, I prepared and presented a Google Slideshow that I worked on for almost two weeks about the Civil War of 1865 in front of my sixth grade language arts class. I wanted to talk about the Civil War because I learned a lot about it from fourth grade, and I thought that it was a really interesting topic. Before speaking in front of my class, I practiced my speech in front of my friends.

It was very fun to present and also exercised my public speech skills. I tried to keep eye contact with the audience while looking at my script throughout the talk which was difficult. For my slide, I used many copy right free images to keep the audience’s attention and also used bullet points for what I was talking about. I thought that it was fun to hear other people’s Ted like talks and also the process of making a slide was neat as possible.

La Cuidad De Durham



¡Hola! Me llamo Andrew Hu y tengo doce años. Yo vivo en Durham de Carolina del Norte, soy un estudiante en Durham Academy y estoy en sexto grado. En mi tiempo libre, me gusta leer y jugar videojuegos. Voy a hablar de los lugares en Durham.


Primero, el Estadio de Béisbol de Durham Bulls es un lugar de Durham. También, puedes jugar béisbol, ver un juego de béisbol, comprar comidas, y hablar con tus amigos. ¿Te gusta jugar béisbol? ¿Te gusta hablar con tus amigos? 


Asimismo, la Universidad de Duke es mi lugar favorito en Durham. Puedes aprender, estudiar, escribir, y ver videos porque es un colegio. ¿Te gusta la escuela? ¿Cuál es tu colegio favorito? 


Tercero, un museo en Durham es el Museo de Arte Nasher. También, en el Museo de Arte Nasher, puedes ver las pinturas, comer en un café en el museo, jugar con tus amigos, y caminar. ¿Te gusta pintar? ¿Cuál es tu pintura favorita? 


También, en el Teatro Carolina, puedes ver un espectáculo, comer palomitas, jugar con tu familia y disfrutar el espectáculo. ¿Te gusta ver los espectáculos? ¿Te gusta comer palomitas?


Finalmente, Durham es una ciudad llena de personas, museos, parques, colegios y calles. Además, Durham tiene muchos lugares interesantes e iglesias. En Durham hay muchas bibliotecas.  En mi opinión, Durham es una ciudad muy turística, luminosa, chévere, divertida, y muy interesante. 

My Favorite Class

My favorite class that I have had this year is movement. In movement, we got to choreograph dances, we got to play on the playground, and we also got to play games with each other. It was my favorite fine art and the teacher, Mrs. Norkus, was nice and knew how to make us face challenges but also made us have fun with it. Movement was the fine art that I had last trimester and I felt that I had a lot of freedom in this class. Movement was especially fun to me because the other classes required me sitting down and listening to the teachers when I just wanted to do physical activities. 

The best part of this class was making the dances because I got to do it with my friends. I liked to think of the choreography and we also got to use some props in our dances. This made us think in a creative way. At the end of the trimester, we had to perform in front of the other fine arts on the dance that we were working on for a few weeks. I did this project with a partner. Making the dances was hard but it was really fun to make. Another part of the class that I loved was the walkabouts. I liked them because we got to walk around the campus and I got to talk to my friends. We also went to the playground and played four square. 


My Ideal World

Our current world has many flaws but don’t you think that those mistakes make the world a better place? My ideal world is in a solar system of two other planets. My planet is very similar to Earth, but I took out a few things. This world is designed to be better than Earth though. It’s called Reptar.

Reptar is the planet furthest from the sun in my solar system. The temperature is the same as Earth as places closer to the equator are warmer. My planet has rings like Saturn and is ten times bigger than Earth to prevent overpopulation and give more space to my people. Reptar has 10 countries and 3 continents as all of the countries contribute to the economy equally. This world cannot get polluted so my people don’t have to worry about ruining the planet. The currency that we use are rupees as they are made out of silver or gold. The only language that people speak on it is English so that everyone on Reptar can communicate with each other.

Nature is one of the most important things in the world because it habits wildlife, gives you materials, gives you a place to live, and many other things. Overall, my nature is similar to Earth’s. Reptar has more trees because there is a strong demand for wood and paper. Trees would also clean the air for my residents. The mountains on Reptar are taller on average than Earth’s mountains. There are only animals and plants that can’t hurt you, and I would take out sharks, alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and poison ivy so people can roam around nature without any worries.

Military is crucial to protecting my planet. Instead of different nations having separate militaries to fight each other like on Earth, I want a united military with all of my ten countries so they can fight any invasions against David’s or Arjun’s planet or extraterrestrial invasions. To achieve this goal, we should have a strong supply of high tech robots who can fight very well and are bullet proof. Each of them are made out of strong metals while holding ray guns that can melt anyone or any material in the universe. These robots also have claws that are sharp and can hold things. I would also make another type of robot that is like calling 911  from Earth with cops, ambulances, and firefighters. All the robots are programmed to not be able to get hacked and follow any orders that a soldier tells them too unless the order is to cause harm on allies.

The laws on Reptar are strict and all major offenses are punishable by death from the robots and all petty crimes’ punishments would be decided in court. Strict laws would make the civilians scared to do any crime so it would make the crime rate lower. The cops on my planet are fast and can fly. There are no weapons on my planet that can destroy my robot cops. The government system on Reptar is all a representative democracy and there is one president for every one of my 10 countries. All of my president’s love each other and would not start any conflicts with each other. The taxes would be based on how much money you make as it takes 35% of your salary.

My last topic is on the education system. My education system is from K-10 as college starts earlier than Earth. This is so people would learn more useful things about what their job should be. I think that this would make the economy better because people would start contributing to it earlier. There will be less homework because it will lead to stress and I don’t want my little Reptar babies to be stressed.

Overall, my planet is a lot like Earth but with a few changes to make it the best I can. 

Window or Mirror

One of my favorite books that I have read again recently is Wonder. This book is about a kid who was born deformed. He was home schooled his whole life, but then decided that he wanted to go to normal school. There, he faced many challenges such as making friends, bullying, and more.

A window book is a book that makes you feel like your reading about someone else’s life, but a mirror book make you feel like your reading about a character who is similar to you. I think that this book is a window because I am not deformed, nor am I having trouble with other people at school. The main character, August, was also getting bullied at school and I don’t get bullied at school. Wonder by P.J. Palacio. This book is realistic fiction because these things could happen but it’s not a real situation. I often get window books because most books out there aren’t mirrors since I don’t relate to any of them. If there were to be someone who doesn’t focus much on school work and plays video games, then that would be a mirror for me. I think that it would be cool to read a book where I can relate to the main character or a side character .


My Wisdom Tales Project

Hello world! My name is Andrew and I made a wisdom tales project of a comic a few days ago for my class. Wisdom tales is a book that is full of stories with morals. They teach you things about greediness, selfishness, patience, etc. The story that I drew was called The Talkative Turtle. I mad this comic by drawing an image on paper, taking a picture of it, and then inserting it into an app called Comic Life 3 where I could add speech bubbles.

The Talkative Turtle was about a turtle who loved to talk. One day he saw two geese in the swamp that he was sitting at so he asked them if he could fly with them if he bit down on a stick while the two geese flew and bit on the stick too. It all went well until a boy called the geese clever for thinking of the plan, but since the turtle loved talking he wanted to say that it was his idea. In my opinion, the summary of this story was that it’s important to not talk sometimes.

The first drawing that I drew was the turtle sitting in a swamp talking to the two geese. This drawing took a long time and was very hard because I wanted to make the swamp look good and I’m not that good at drawing nature. It took about 1 hour in


My second drawing was of the geese flying with the turtle. This drawing was kind of easy but I don’t really like how the drawing turned out. The turtle drawing had barely any effort put into it and it doesn’t look like they are flying that high compared to my next drawing where he was falling through the clouds. I think that it was my worst drawing in that comic.


My third and last drawing was my favorite out of that comic. I kind of switched styles in my last one and made it a cartoon style. I think it turned out alright. This drawing was also kind of easy and didn’t take me that long. A thing I like about the drawing was that I put lots of clouds behind him to make it look like he’s really falling from the sky as he’s saying, “IT WAS MY IDEA!”











Why I Love Cello

Hello world! My name is Andrew Hu, and I love to play the cello. I used to play the piano but dropped it to play the cello. My cello is a full sized cello and bought from Triangle Strings. I have been playing the instrument for one year and a half already. The reason that I like the cello, are because the instrument is very low pitched, it’s satisfying to play a note, and because the cello has so many great pieces that I plan on learning in the future.

Firstly, I like cello because it makes a very low and deep sound. Deep sounds appeal to me a lot. Another thing is the notes. If you didn’t know, to play a string instrument, you have to put your finger in a certain place to play a note on the finger board. Thats the black part of the cello under the strings. And then you have to pull your bow across that string. For some reason, doing this is really fun to me. Even though cello is very tiring for me, I always try my best to practice everyday and get better.

Lastly, I love the cello because of the pieces. The piece that I am playing is called Bach Suite no. 1. This piece is one of my favorites and I have been waiting so long to play it ever since I started. There are so many more pieces that I want to play but are too advance for me such as Bach Suite no. 2, Chopin Nocturne in E flat, and Dvorak cello concerto.